2021 Surf League R3 Youth
6 March 2021

1Kai MarchettoTrigg IslandTrigg Island Green15
2Liam FoleyTrigg IslandTrigg Island Black14
3Oliver BrehautTrigg IslandTrigg Island Red13
4Jules FredonnetCity of Perth SLSCCity of Perth A12
5Brodie LeeMullalooMullaloo Blue11
6Jarvis CarenTrigg IslandTrigg Island White10
7Nicholas CollinsNorth CottesloeNorth Cottesloe A9
8Danny KellySorrento (WA)Sorrento Stingrays8
9Flynn CzaplinskiCottesloeCottesloe Indianas7
10Tristan WhiteCity of BunburyCity of Bunbury6
11Kai BelmontSorrento (WA)Sorrento Dolphins5
12Robert JohnsonScarboroScarboro4
13Finn BattleMullalooMullaloo Gold3
1Finn BattleMullalooMullaloo Gold
2Kai BelmontSorrento (WA)Sorrento Dolphins
3Oliver BrehautTrigg IslandTrigg Island Red
4Jarvis CarenTrigg IslandTrigg Island White
5Nicholas CollinsNorth CottesloeNorth Cottesloe A
6Flynn CzaplinskiCottesloeCottesloe Indianas
7Liam FoleyTrigg IslandTrigg Island Black
8Jules FredonnetCity of Perth SLSCCity of Perth A
9Robert JohnsonScarboroScarboro
10Danny KellySorrento (WA)Sorrento Stingrays
11Brodie LeeMullalooMullaloo Blue
12Kai MarchettoTrigg IslandTrigg Island Green
13Tristan WhiteCity of BunburyCity of Bunbury
Live Club Standings
City of Perth A199
City of Bunbury191
Trigg Island Green188
Mullaloo Blue161
Cottesloe Indianas156
Trigg Island Red148
North Cottesloe A146
Trigg Island White138
Sorrento Dolphins121
Mullaloo Gold101
Trigg Island Black82
Sorrento Stingrays58

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